Fund-A-Need 2021 - Saint Cecilia Gala

Fund-A-Need 2021

Fund-A-Need is a unique element within the live auction.  Your donation will provide necessary funding for the immediate needs of Saint Cecilia School and the Faith Formation programs.  

The 2020/ 2021 Fund-A-Need project focuses on one of the most important aspects (if not THE most important aspect) of education and faith facilities: the safety and security of our children, staff, volunteers, and parishioners.  Members of the Saint Cecilia Catholic School Board and Faith Formation Commission voted to upgrade the security features in both the school and church.  These features include eight state-of-the-art cameras installed throughout the school hallways and in the multipurpose room; four state-of-the-art cameras installed at all entrances and exits of the school, as well as on the playground; and networked card or monitored access features for many of the external doors into the school and church, the internal door conjoining the two buildings, and the parish office doors.  These security features are now very common in educational buildings; they have been included in the plans for the new Ames High School and currently exist in Gilbert High School, as well as many of the elementary schools in Ames and Gilbert.  The materials, technology, and labor required to implement this project at Saint Cecilia cost over $80,000.  The board and commission members decided to expedite the project during the summer of 2019 in order to ensure the highest level of protection for the upcoming school year (and beyond).  Your generous donations to Fund-a-Need will make it possible for Saint Cecilia to pay for this project retrospectively.   

To help us reach our goal, please click here to donate:

You may also send a check to: St. Cecilia Gala 2900 Hoover Ave, Ames, IA 50010.

Fund-A-Need 2020/2021 Video:


Here is what Fund-A-Need has done for the Saint Cecilia Community over the years:

  • The 2019 Fund-a-Need raised over $32,000.  It was used to paint the multipurpose room, hallways, and classrooms, install new drinking fountains, and purchase prayer books for Advent and Lent for the parish.

  • The 2018 Fund-a-Need raised over $35,000.  It was used to renovate the bathrooms in the gymnasium for the school as well as purchase prayer books for Advent and Lent for the parish. 

  • The 2017 Fund-A-Need raised over $38,000.  It was be used to purchase new Chromebooks for the kids and teachers, replace ceiling tiles, update the prayer garden and purchase prayer books for Advent and Lent for the parish. 

  • The 2016 Fund-A-Need raised over $38,000 used to build a playground for our preschoolers, prayer books for Advent and Lent for the parish and to create a Catechesis of the Good Shepherd room. 

  • The 2015 Fund-A-Need raised over $32,000 for the immediate needs of the school, youth ministry, and parish.  A new math curriculum, books to be distributed to the parish, a new cart for children's liturgy, a new stereo for youth ministry, and funds for a Catholic speaker were raised. 

  • The 2014 Fund-A-Need raised over $30,000 to update the brick work on the Christian Peterson statue, art supplies, wi-fi upgrades, projector in social hall and a reading curriculum.  

  • The 2013 Fund-A-Need raised over $39,000 to purchase new tables, desks, and chairs for the education center

  • The 2012 Fund-A-Need raised over $32,000 to purchase new religious education texts and bibles for Faith Formation, social studies books and math texts for the day school and new readers for the preschool.·

  • The newly installed information kiosks in the Narthex and school lobby were purchased with funds from the 2011 technology Fund-A-Need.

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