New to the 2019 Gala

New to the 2019 Gala


We hope you are as excited as we are to attend the Gala on Saturday!  Below are some notes to help you know what to expect during the evening.  


Silent Auction Changes

Like last year, bidding Opens at 10AM on Saturday.  Make time to mark your favorites early. View the Auction items available at

This year the Silent Auction has four sections that will all close BEFORE 7 o’clock pm. 

1st Section (blue) closes at 6:45 pm.

2nd Section (red) closes at 6:50 pm

3rd Section (silver) closes at 6:55 pm

4th Section (gold) closes at 7 pm

5th Section After Hours with teachers closes during the program.

Heads or Tails Changes

This year any individual can buy multiple entries into the Head or Tails raffle.  We will be selling bead necklaces for $25 each.  Each participant will receive their purchased bead necklace or necklaces before playing.  Put on your necklace/necklaces to show that you’re ready to play.  If you don’t guess correctly and you have multiple beaded necklaces you remove one necklace and continue to play until you have run out of necklaces. 

Fund – A – Need Changes

Fund – A - Need will occur earlier in the evening compared to years past, and it will be done with Bid Cards once again.  At the end of the night, if you’d like to add more to your Fund-A-Need donation, you will be able to do that in the checkout room. 

Optional Credit Card Processing Fees

Last year approximately $4,000 were spent from funds raised at the Gala to cover the credit card processing fees.  Credit cards charge us 3% of the bill to process payment for items purchased at the Gala.  This year we are asking attendees to consider opting to cover this fee.  At the registration desk you will be asked if you are willing to pay the 3% credit card processing fee for your charges.  Please consider covering this fee or pay the final bill with cash or a check at the end of the evening. 

All Packages can be split at the Gala

Have you ever considered that you’d bid on a package, but only if you could share with somebody else?  We can split the charges on any package with any number of people in any increments.  All you have to do is elect a primary bidder – then see us in the back room to make the split happen.


Thanks and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday,

The Gala Team

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