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Fund-A-Need 2019


Fund A Need

Fund-A-Need is your opportunity to support the Saint Cecilia Community by joining others in funding exciting developments for our school, parish and Faith Formation Programs. The items that Fund-A-Need is supporting are not unveiled until the night of the Live Auction, but you can be assured that your 100% tax deductible donation will provide the necessary funding for the immediate needs of the Saint Cecilia Community.

Here is some of what Fund-A-Need has done for the Saint Cecilia Community thus far...

*The 2018 Fund-a-Need raised over $33,000.  It was used to renovate the bathrooms in the gymnasium for the school as well as purchase prayer books for Advent and Lent for the parish. 

*The 2017 Fund-A-Need raised over $38,000.  It was be used to purchase new Chromebooks for the kids and teachers, replace ceiling tiles, update the prayer garden and purchase prayer books for Advent and Lent for the parish. 

* The 2016 Fund-A-Need raised over $38,000 used to build a playground for our preschoolers, prayer books for Advent and Lent for the parish and to create a Catechesis of the Good Shepherd room. 
* The 2015 Fund-A-Need raised over $32,000 for the immediate needs of the school, youth ministry, and parish.  A new math curriculum, books to be distributed to the parish, a new cart for children's liturgy, a new stereo for youth ministry, and funds for a Catholic speaker were raised. 
* The 2014 Fund-A-Need raised over $30,000 to update the brick work on the Christian Peterson statue, art supplies, wi-fi upgrades, projector in social hall and a reading curriculum.  
* The 2013 Fund-A-Need raised over $39,000 to purchase new tables, desks, and chairs for the education center.
* The 2012 Fund-A-Need raised over $32,000 to purchase new religious education texts and bibles for Faith Formation, social studies books and math texts for the day school and new readers for the preschool.·
* The newly installed information kiosks in the Narthex and school lobby were purchased with funds from the 2011 technology Fund-A-Need.

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