Auction 2020 - Saint Cecilia Gala

Auction 2020

2020 Auctioneers: David and Anne Whitaker

David and Ann are the Co-Founders of Whitaker Marketing Group and Champion Fundraiser which specializes in fundraising auctions as well as premier consulting services for non-profit clients.

David helps exceed fundraising goals, while offering a wide variety of practical strategies for revenue enhancement.  David is the Iowa, Missouri, and Nebraska State Champion Auctioneer.  He is a member of the National Auctioneers Association, as well as the Iowa Auctioneers Association.  David has worked with organizations all over the country helping them achieve their financial goals.  David has been Auctioneering for over 10 years and has conducted thousands of auctions.  He hosts an event with great professionalism, wit and charm, and he has an amazing talent for drawing a crowd into a program while keeping a continual flow of excitement.

Ann Is our Auction Manager and scheduling guru. She is an expert at the “Flow Of The Show”.  Ann works with the organization before and after the event in the planning and consultation stages.  Ann has incredible attention to detail and  is very passionate about making the job easy for the gala committees.  


Live & Silent Auction including Class Projects

The Live & Silent Auctions are just two exciting ways to participate in the Gala festivities.  Both auctions contain once-in-a-lifetime experiences, local art and attractions, sporting events, family outings, and more.

The Live Auction features unique and unobtainable packages created and gathered locally and around the world.  These once-in-a-lifetime experiences have become the hallmark of the Saint Cecilia's Gala.  Stay tuned for 2019 Live Auction packages as they become available.

The Silent Auction contains a tremendous collection of local items. Each item is inspired by the generosity of local businesses and families.  We are grateful to all that have made the Saint Cecilia Gala Silent Auction a success over the years. Stay tuned for more information about the 2019 Silent Auction Items.

The 2020 Gala will once again feature Fixed Bidding items that can be purchased before the night of the Gala. These remarkable items will go fast once details are announced.  Bookmark this page to keep in touch with Fixed Bidding.

The work on 2020 Class Projects is underway! These stunning pieces by Saint Cecilia students are priceless, must-have items.  It’s a race to see which class gets done first!  Stay tuned!


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